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Great Leadership Blogs of 2015

The field of leadership is vast, varied, and comprehensive. It is my contention that one should get their information from as many different sources as possible; especially leadership blogs (like this one). This also includes consuming information that you may not agree with. I say this because if you wish to challenge and solidify what you have learned or believe, it is always good to know exactly what you disagree with and why.

Every year, the field of leadership changes and morphs just a little. This makes it even more important to constantly explore. A fairly convenient way to go about this is by catching what various leadership guru's are saying on their leadership blogs.

So with that in mind, let me kick you off my site for a little bit by providing you a dozen different leadership blogs that are probably worth your time. These are filled with great articles and perspectives that will help you develop a stronger foundation in your leadership discipline. They are filled with advice, tips, and theory. I think you will enjoy them as much as I do.

So here is my list of "Great Leadership Blogs of 2015".

NOTE: These are not provided in order of preference.

  1. (SLI) – Self Leadership International – a provider of leadership and people development, consulting, coaching and training.
  2. Real Leaders – an online and physical publication geared towards business.
  3. Brighton Leadership Group – excellent articles for all business; “From aerospace to insurance.”
  4. Let’s Grow Leaders – insight from leadership consultant, and MBA professor Karin Hurt.
  5. Mark Sanborn - Mark is an international bestselling author and noted expert on leadership.
  6. Erika Anderson – Featured on, Erika provides some amazing insight.
  7. Christine Comaford – great information that even Newsweek says “by reputation, Christine is the person you want to partner with.
  8. Leadership Freak – a fun site that talks about all kinds of leadership oriented topics.
  9. Leadership Now – articles by Michael McKinney, this site always has something going on and has loads of great information.
  10. Great Leadership – awesome perspectives from a variety of Leadership guru’s.
  11. Michael Hyatt – no list would be complete without this one. New York Times bestseller and founder and CEO of Intentional Leadership; an online source for leadership development.
  12. LeaderValues – another great site with articles written by Professor Mick Yates.

No doubt, there are plenty of other great sites that could go on this list. And I will surely provide more articles in the future that feature the many different sites. Just remember, you cannot really defend or profess something unless the information you provide has passed the test of challenge. My advice will always be to look at individual topics from a variety of perspectives, and then draw your own conclusions accordingly. Question with boldness, everything… even me.


David Robertson

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