Greetings friends and welcome to Reasoned Leadership!

My name is David Robertson and the study of leadership is extremely important to me for numerous reasons. Ultimately, it’s a passion of mine and I have dedicated a great portion of my life pursuing it. During my undergraduate studies, I was "forced" to take a leadership class. I am glad I did because I was hooked the first week. I ended up graduating summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Leadership. Then I decided I wanted to take it a step further and got an educational certificate in Operational Leadership. But that wasn’t enough. It wasn’t long before I had achieved my Master’s of Science in Leadership. While I am not aiming for the Phd. quite yet, my studies do continue.

So why do I love the discipline of “leadership” so much? Management is a thing of the past. Leadership is about effectively forecasting and leading change, as well as taking a proactive approach in decision-making. The study of leadership covers theories and practical applications, negotiating skills, forecasting and leading change, multicultural perspectives and global trends, and more. As you dig deeper into leadership, you can begin to explore leadership strategies, human behavior, the idea of leadership in a global society, business ethics, international business, quantitative analysis and so much more. It seems limitless at times.

So my passion became this website and my book(s). Perhaps this is my way of giving a little back to the field. This site has quite a bit to offer really. There are links to leadership tools and resources, colleges and universities, and articles surrounding leadership theory and leadership in practice. And of course, a few surprises along the way.

I hope you enjoy what I have put together. Feel free to share the articles and thank you for your interest.

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